• We have limited camping spots next to the festival site. The cost is 15 € per person and can be bought with your online ticket.

    Toilets will be available for you.

You can arrive on Friday from 3 p.m. Please follow the signs to the festival.
Those arriving to camp can drive straight to the campsite and park next to their tent. Bringing food and drinks (please not in glass containers) is of course allowed on the campsite, but not on the festival site. Camping and driving on the campsite is at your own risk. Generators / generators are prohibited on the campsite.

  • RV parking at the local swimming pool

  • Hotels in the area

  • *** Hotel Regena Health Resort & Spa
    Ernst-Putz-Strasse 52, 97769 Bad Brückenau: Tel +49 9741 801820, E:


    • This luxury hotel offers visitors to the Sinner Rock a special price. So be sure to tell them that you are going to SinnerRock.
  • Schwarzenfels Castle , Family Hölzer: Tel 06664-919140
  • Franconian court , Zeitlofs: Tel .: 09746-9308360
  • The organizer assumes no liability for material or physical damage.
  • Bringing glass containers, cans, plastic canisters, pyrotechnic objects and weapons as well as tape recordings, film and video cameras is prohibited. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the venue.
  • A security check will be carried out upon entry. The security staff is instructed to carry out body searches. The right to refuse entry for good reason (against reimbursement of the entry price) is reserved.
  • Children under 13 … free entry
  • There are a few rules of conduct that you should observe when living together during the festival:
  • Having fun is always a must
  • Avoid Garbage! Use the garbage cans and collection points! We collect waste glass in separate containers!
  • Zero tolerance for hard drugs! Festival ban !!!!!!
  • Any conflict, if any, is a conflict of words. Anyone who threatens to use violence will be expelled


ear plug
Rain poncho
Stick lighter

Do not forget!

Identity card

No – go’s

Your own alcohol
EC card
Luxury goods
Trolley case
Umbrella mostly useless, rather rainproof clothing
Power generators / generators

Directions by car

Festival place on Aspenweg – 50 ° 15’04.9 “N 9 ° 37’21.6” E


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