Hard Rock UK

Häxan are Sam Bolderson, (Vox / guitar), Harriet Wadeson, (bass), and Jess Hartley, (drums).
Based in South Wales and with such influences
like Suzi Quatro, AC / DC and Led Zeppelin, theirs
The sound is driven by classic rock riffs,
paired with modern hooks and catchy melodies.

Previous highlights:
Appearances at a number of festivals and shows in
UK, Europe and the USA. Some festivals include:
– Monsters of Rock Cruise, Miami USA
– Rock the Boat, Australia
– Planet Rockstock, UK
– Hard Rock Hell, UK
– Rock and Bicycle Festival, UK
– The Court Party, UK
– Lechlade, UK
– Demerock, BE
– Sasem Dusem, DE

– To be handpicked by Status Quo himself as the main character
Support for their appearance at the Lechlade Music Festival.